Move from burnout, chronic stress, constant fatigue and yoyo dieting to feeling calm, energetic and in control again.

6 Months Transformative Programme

This longer term programme includes support for nutrition, sleep, relaxation techniques, physical fitness and  which are important aspects towards achieving a healthy body & mind. It has a combination of in person and online sessions on Zoom.

I am a Breast Cancer survivor and I have navigated through the darkest waters and I am super grateful to be in complete remission and today, able to serve my clients as a health coach, helping them towards their health goals.

I help women who feel burnout, chronically stressed, sleep deprived, and struggling with their weight learn to cope with daily stressors to feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.

If you want to feel your absolute BEST this year and you are ready for a change to STOP the STRUGGLES and START to take back your POWER and RECONNECT with your body, let’s chat. Send me a private message to book your Free discovery call.

Transformative is suitable for you if you are after:

  • A programme that will work towards transforming your lifestyle with success if you are just starting your journey of change and like a more regular support
  • You are committed towards a long term lifestyle change after a chronic illness diagnosis
  • You are motivated to reverse your current habits and making new habits to achieve your health goals

Transformative is suitable for you if you are after:

  • A longer term programme that helps you identify your health challenges, desired health goals, create a routine and build on some habit changes solidify your change in your lifestyle whilst keeping your motivation at bay
  • You are motivated to reverse your current health challenges or chronic diagnosis and build new habits to achieve your health goals
  • If you struggle with:
    • Burnout
    • Chronic Stress
    • Anxiety
    • Sleep;
    • Constant exhaustion
    • Weight gain
    • Feeling stuck & low confidence
    • Gut health issues
    • Addictive behaviours eg: sugar, alcohol
  • And you WANT:
    • More knowledge and understanding of what is “Healthy”
    • More calm & in control
    • Increased energy & motivation
    • More balance & harmony
    • Less bloating & lose weight
    • Confidence & fit into that fav dress or pants
    • Customised meal plan
    • Customised exercise plan

If this totally is YOU and resonates, drop me a message and let’s explore how I can help support you to become the successful & dynamic woman you desire to become.

What is included:

  • 24 x 60 minutes coaching sessions either in person or via video chat
  • Free 40-minutes Discovery Session
  • Weekly coaching sessions to start for first 12 weeks followed by fortnightly sessions from week 13 onwards
  • Email & Text messaging support
  • Homework in between sessions
  • Relevant guides to help support you
  • App support and goal settings to ensure a long term progress and success.

Also included in this package:

  • Eating guides and meal planning
  • An exercise plan
  • 1 x 60 minutes meditation session

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Health Coach Transform Your Life? 

It starts with you being open to change, small incremental change. We’ll work on addressing not just the physical issues but the mental blocks that are preventing you from living your best life. Once we’ve got the mental framework in place, I’ll take a step back and be your guide and navigator as you take position behind the driver’s seat to craft a new and improved future. 

Who Need A Health Coach? 

Quite frankly, everyone. Our health system treats illness with medicine but it doesn’t teach us how to prevent falling sick, or to turn chronic illnesses like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, and stroke around through diet and exercise. A health coach helps to navigate the information overload and come up with a personalised, actionable plan to follow. 

Who It Isn’t For 

Creating sustainable change takes consistency and commitment to a focused goal-oriented approach. Clients who pay for coaching but don’t want to be held accountable, or to do the homework will find it hard to see a permanent change happen. Long-lasting results only come with persistence and hard work and for this, a client needs to be open to being guided and supported. 

How Does it Work? 

We’ll kick things off with an in-depth discovery call whereby we’ll discuss your health journey and define your wellness goals. After which I’ll draw up a customised 6-month plan that includes weekly sessions (face-to-face or via video chat), weekly homework, and communication via phone or email when necessary. 

How Do I Find Out More

Drop me a PM or email me. For a limited time, I’m offering a FREE 40-min discovery call whereby we can start discussing what’s blocking you from meeting your health goals and desired outcomes.

I want to inspire and educate others to live their best life, to achieve the POSSIBLE, and progress forward with new momentum. If this is something that resonates with you, get in touch with me and let me know how I can help! 

Jump onboard a Transformative change for $3,299 plus GST

Payment plans available over 3 months at $1,130 + GST per month