Hello  from The Coromandel New Zealand. 

This last week I have taken some time off for our Summer holiday to unwind and spend some family time by the beach. Hahei has been our choice for the past 7 years. 

This year journey here is an interesting one. We had Cyclone Hale swept through the coast making it a stressful journey from Northland to the east coast with slips and road closure potentially ruining our time away. Thankfully the roads opened just in time for us to drive through but there was no guarantee the roads will stay open if the heavy rains caused more slips. I was at the mercy of the weather and I felt out of control.

My mind started catastrophizing the worst case scenario (our human brain does this on autopilot!) and I started hatching a plan to prepare ourselves for the β€œwhat ifs”. 

How I managed my stressful 9 hours drive

  1. I put on some calming music in the car to help me relax and 
  2. I used my favourite Doterra Adaptiv essential oil on my pulse points to help me relax and focus on the here & now instead of dwelling on the “doom & gloom”
  3. I started taking deep belly breaths for about 10 mins 
  4. I repeated this affirmation as i took deep breaths: I am safe and supported.

After 10 mins, I started feeling much more relaxed and visualised a smooth journey ahead for us.

My mind stopped racing and I feel my tension in my neck and shoulders start to release and I was feeling better. I had better mental clarity to think and plan. 

What I have learnt from this trip

Stress and anxiety is something we cannot avoid, it is what we do when we are stressed that is important to managing these intense emotions. 

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