I was watching the fireworks on Guy Fawkes night in Kerikeri and I remember that day to be one of deep reflections. I pondered about the value of my health as the news about my Dad’s health really struck a cord in my heart.

As I sat watching every explosion that absolutely sparked the most beautiful colours in the sky, I felt emotional and a sense of release. I started thinking about my own health journey and how fortunate I am to get a rude awakening at age 39 where I still have 2 young kids who needs their mummy and I couldn’t just give up on myself. I was desperate to change my health status to continue to be present for my family.

As I drove home from the fireworks, a question roused my curiosity….

If I could turn back the clock, what will I change to improve my health & wellbeing?

I want to be more self-aware and self-compassionate and let go of my addiction to perfectionism. I know so many of us that resonate with this. Do you? ✋

What about you?

What would you change about your health if you could go back in time?

How do you want to feel?

What is blocking you from taking action today to change your future?

There could be so many reasons but here I thought to share the most common resistance we face every time we WANT a change because it is good for us….but it falls on the wayside.

Here are 3 Myths that blocks us from taking the leap.

Myth 1

“I have failed before so I will fail again, no matter how hard I try”

Every time we embark on something new, our brains create new pathways for us, the more we practice that new routine, the better and stronger the connections become. Even if we do not get the desired outcome we envision, trust that it cultivates a growth mindset and with patience and commitment, you will eventually get there.

Myth 2

“I am too old for change”

We are never too old for change neither are we ever too old to learn something new. According to Henry Ford, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

Myth 3

“My change now will not make a difference as I am too far gone. What’s the point?”

You should not accept your current circumstance as your FOREVER. Lifestyle medicine will reverse a chronic illness. You just need to know HOW. You don’t know what you are not made aware of. Don’t let your limiting beliefs stop you. With a new roadmap and knowledge, you can be supported on a transformational journey. You can make a change today no matter how small to achieve your dreams.

If these myths feels so familiar, i hope it has given you something to think about. I also want you to know that you are not alone. We all struggle with those limiting beliefs that have kept us seemingly “safe” but it may not serve us in the long term.

Most importantly, I want you to know that I GOT YOU. ?

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Much love,

Katherine xx ?

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I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, learn to cope with daily stressors to feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.

Katherine has encouraged me to reflect on a lot of my entrenched ideas about what works for me, which has resulted in some changes which will be life-long. She has opened my thinking, helped me sleep better, create more me-time and most importantly have a greater self- awareness. My blood pressure is down, my cholesterol is the lowest it’s ever been and I’m on track to living a better healthier life. It’s a journey, but I’m on the way!

– Margaret; New Zealand