Do you feel like some days you could be doing all the right things, but the body seem to have a mind of her own?

Does this make you frustrated that this is yet another derailing moment? If this is you, I invite you to read on! 👇🏻
As I sat here writing this email to you, I was on the struggle bus. I had the worst gastric reflux ever and it came with absolutely ZERO warning! The pain was excruciating and I was pretty much rendered useless! Antacids saved the day and I am slowly on the mend.My curious mind started checking in and reflected on what my body was going through for the past few days and realised that alot was happening. I was day 4 of my cycle when the reflux hit me,I had 2 cups of coffee that day as I had a meeting with a client and I was lured by the scent of coffee (I LOVE coffee!) and I tucked into my favourite kim chi (alot of it!) and probably tipped the PH level of my gut. Alas…..Perimenopause symptoms at its best! 🔥If you are still reading this, you probably are NODDING and saying HELL YES.  

I know many other women in my age bracket suffering from a variety of peri menopause symptoms too….even the chemist I got the Mylanta from had the fullest empathy for me when I told her whats going on and I instantly felt comforted that someone gets my pain! I feel rather melancholic during my evening walk that day. As the pain slowly eased I realised that this is the beginning of an end for me. It’s the end of my fertility and beginning of my second puberty that I am now navigating. If some of you have watched my Live with Sharon Tomkins you will know what I mean by “second puberty”. If you haven’t watch the replay here.CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR IG LIVE REPLAY

But I made a choice. I choose to embrace this journey ahead of me instead of resisting. I had 6 years of prep as I told by oncologists that I will have an early arrival of menopause due to chemotherapy. I also made some commitments to myself to improve my lifestyle to suit the new me in perimenopause. I am actually excited to find out how life will be even better once my hormones calms the hell down.

I want to share what I have learnt and hope this helps YOU too!
Here are my biggest takeaways and what I have learnt:

Being aware of what I ate helped me understand where the pain is coming fromAllocating time to sit & breathe through the pain really helped me recognise my symptoms and helped alleviate the worry and rumination Accepting that some foods are no longer going to serve me while I transition through the hormonal shift till I get to menopauseMaking my 1 cup of coffee a really mindful & enjoyable oneFermented products are great but in small amounts and sadly, my kimchi gorging days are over.
✅ Do you relate with my perimenopause pains? I would love to hear from you and how you navigate this phase! 
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