My Top Tips to Getting LONG TERM Results ?

last weekend I was unpacking the boxes in our new home in Kerikeri and found some old photos of myself, heavily pregnant and carrying about 16-18kg extra weight.

It brought me back to post labour blues and how focused I was to lose the extra weight with great difficulty! I have had several weight loss goals in my life especially after 2 babies. 

So off I went on diets and food deprivation.  They worked for a short time and then I gained weight again. I knew that there was something else I needed to change – my entire lifestyle needed a revamp. 

What I wanted was to diet for weight loss BUT I later realise what I actually needed was to learn to manage my anxiety about my weight and body image, fear of not being accepted because I was not back to my svelte self postpartum like my peers. 

Changing my behaviour and mindset was scary. But it is TOTALLY POSSIBLE. I gathered support for myself and committed to it knowing that this time, the change will be a sustainable one. 

My Top Tips on embarking on a behaviour change for sustainable outcomes:

  1. Set achievable goals that are meaningful to you, not what others tell you to do
  2. Identify your purpose and what you will do when you have achieved your goals eg: weight loss to run a marathon in a desired time frame or hike up a mountain or skydive, to fit into your fav dress and feel confident again
  3. Acknowledge that you cannot do everything yourself and it is OKAY to ask for help & support, it is NEVER a sign of weakness. Being vulnerable is courage and taking agency for what’s most important to you 
  4. Get support.  Work with a Health Coach if your goals are health & lifestyle related and finding the right coach that you connect with is super important.  The best part of hiring a coach is getting the support plus ACCOUNTABILITY
  5. Find your Tribe. Surround yourself with likeminded people on the journey of change and can motivate each other.  This is immensely empowering. 

 Remember:  without discomfort we cannot have Growth.  By changing the way we do things, we are changing the final outcome.  

Do you have some burning goals you want to take action on this Spring?  Time to write them down.  Stop putting it off and take action today. 

Listen to your body and what she needs, your time is NOW. Drop me an email.  Book a time with me for a Free chat. 

Much love,

Katherine xx ?

Let’s Spring into action this month! Find that needle mover to effect the change you truly desire.
I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, learn to cope with daily stressors to feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.
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Katherine helped me realise I could make changes to my habits and learn to look after myself. We have added self-care routines and movement. I feel more balanced and now know how to find my way back if I do feel imbalanced and stressed out. I am still learning to stop being a workaholic but have the tools to change. Would definitely recommend Katherine to others looking at making lifestyle changes and needing some advice.– Chand; New Zealand
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