In my darkest moments of depression, I was shown unconditional love & kindness which gave me hope. 

I got to be honest with you, last 2 weeks have been tough.  My kids are on term break and still adjusting to our new environment without their friends and usual comforts back in Taupō.  We expected children to be more adaptable than adults but clearly we all still needed to honour the time needed for change.  

Yesterday, I sat in silence with my cuppa and I recalled the toughest year of my life with moving 4 countries in a year. Compared that with the stress of surgery, chemotherapy & radiation, both of these traumatising experiences taught me priceless lessons that forever changed my life. 
It was a necessary evil and a kick up my butt because I ignored all the signs my body and mind were not coping.  I did not know any better.  

Our body is a clever machine and she is constantly communicating with us to take action on what is not operating properly. We need to learn to recognise the symptoms. 

Here are my 5 favourite questions I check in with yourself regularly. 
How is my Sleep quality & duration?
Am I eating good quality whole foods and have no to little need to snacking?
How does my gut feel today?
How much water have I drunk today?
Have I exercised or moved for minimum 30 mins today?
I made a promise to treasure everyday as a gift. I am committed to do my best to create the awareness for mental fitness and self-care through my story and ultimately help other women change the way we live to prevent a similar chronic diagnosis I have experienced. 
Want to do more for your body & mind to feel confident and live a life of balance?  

Tune into your body and what she needs, don’t wait another day. Drop me an email.  Book a time with me for a Free chat. 

Much love,
Katherine xx ?


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Biggest win was learning how to properly relax and how to ensure there is always time in the day for relaxation as it is an essential part of every day life. Biggest aha moment is that everyone relaxes differently and not everyone fits one box
– Jess; New Zealand

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I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, learn to cope with daily stressors to feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.