It is December! I simply cannot believe how fast the last couple of weeks went and we are actually 16 days to Christmas! It can be an overwhelming time this month as we all work longer hours and juggle many balls in the air to try and maintain balance and calm around us.

If this is You, READ ON.

This week at Opito Bay while I was immersed in my cold therapy, I inadvertently overheard 2 friends chatting about someone they know who is recently diagnosed with stage 4 Melanoma. 

I was immediately feeling their pain as a Cancer patient myself before knowing how hard this Christmas will be for that family and possibly other families who may also be struggling this time of the year for various reasons. In New Zealand, approximately 25,000 people are diagnosed with Cancer each year.

My curiousity piqued again and I contemplated….what if we could all learn to change our lifestyle right NOW and prevent any chronic diagnosis in this lifetime to truly enjoy life free of illness?

What is the one thing we can improve TODAY that will help us be on the path towards better wellbeing?

Perhaps drinking more water?

Or spending less time on our phones at the dinner table?

Starting with a small habit change and building consistency will effect a sustainable change.

Here are my Top 5 Common Mistakes we Must AVOID making to thoroughly enjoy your festive holidays

  1. Don’t calorie count and be too Strict this month. Enjoy the food and drinks over the festive period but do it mindfully.
  2. Avoid going to a Christmas party Hungry. When we are hungry we almost always overeat. Have a snack before the party
  3. Don’t overcommit to parties. Be selective to the people you want to surround yourself with, those who align with your health goals will support your food & drink choices
  4. Avoid overeating and going for seconds. Choose 1 treat you truly look forward to during Christmas (eg: special family baking or dessert) and savour it.
  5. Don’t forget to hydrate well. ** Get my Hydration Tracker below** When we have an abundance of mulled wine and egg nogs, it is easy for us to overdo the alcohol when we are thirsty.

This Christmas you can choose to make a small difference to your wellbeing by adopting one of the above tips and that can be your new intention you can bring into 2023. 

Share this with your family & friends and make them aware to help you get the support you need plus reduce anxiety. 

I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, build mental fitness to cope with daily stressors feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.

Don’t continue to be on the “Struggle Bus”, you can hop off and choose a different route. If you find energy a challenge and you are losing control over your diet & sleep, I would love to have a confidential chat with you. 

Drop me an email.  Book a time with me for a Free chat. 

Much love,

Katherine xx 💜

HYDRATION TRACKER Want to get that hydration up to help prevent those nasty headaches and over drinking at parties?  Download my Hydration Tracker now. 
Whoa! I have been making some fun reels (even a little boogie) this week about Relaxation. Follow me for more weekly tips.
I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, learn to cope with daily stressors to feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.