WOW-weee…..I am 46 tomorrow! I want to celebrate this with a Gift for you! I have lived an enriching life on this beautiful planet and have worn many hats through my decades.  My learned experiences have enabled me to do what I do today….a solopreneur, a coach, a mum and a wife. 

My vision everyday that drives me:  To empower women to live her best life of absolute freedom feeling strong, confident & balanced. 

To celebrate this special day with you, here is a very limited opportunity to work with me!Free 40 minutes one-on-one coaching call PLUS a Free 40-mins discovery call with me. ** Only 15 spots available to book!** ** Promotion period:**Starting 8pm 14 December 2022 Ends: 15 December 2022 Midnight Only**

You have dreamt of you feeling your ultimate best – Confident & fitting into your favourite dress.  Full of energy and mental clarity.  Feeling in complete Control instead of food controlling you. You can achieve this dream. Now is the time to take action. 

Jump on this amazing opportunity to have a session with me to experience coaching and to get clear on your health goals for 2023. Let’s talk about what health goals are most important to you right now and where you want to be in the next few months. I know how important a lifestyle change is for you so let’s get things moving.

I’d love to help you achieve your DREAMS.

CLICK ON THIS LINK to book a time with me.

Here’s the outline of the Offer for you. 
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What is included:
1x 40-mins discovery call 
1x 40-mins one-on-one coaching session
Homework after our session
Relevant guides to support
Price: Free of Charge

Can’t wait to talk to you again soon 

Much love,

Katherine xx ❀️