I kick off October with a real spring in my step as I celebrate my new title as a Prekure Certified Mental Health Coach.  I have lots to be grateful for with this new certification.  My dream has come true! I am so proud to be part of the pioneering team of health coaches in New Zealand to specialise in Mental Wellbeing. I am beyond excited to be able to add an additional certification plus lots of extra knowledge and training, enabling me to help my clients with addictive behaviours, and working with them to build mental fitness.I am committed to help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, build mental fitness to cope with daily stressors feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.

If you are sick of the constant exhaustion and you are yearning to THRIVE, get in touch with me.  Living with chronic fatigue should not be your FOREVER, because you deserve a rich & fulfilling life. Let’s have a chat and explore how I can help you stay on track with your health goals.  
Take action today and CHANGE your outcome for tomorrow. Drop me an email.  

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Much love,

Katherine xx ?
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In Other News…

There will be some price adjustments this month and I wanted you all to be the FIRST to know. The prices for my 3 programmes are as follows: 

6-weeks Kick Start

Current Price: $849 incl GST. New Price: $1,020 incl GST

12-weeks Energizing (MOST POPULAR!)

Current Price: $1,499 incl GST. New Price: $1,798 incl GST

24-weeks Transformative

Current Price: $2,649 incl GST New Price: $3,178 incl GST

Massive THANK YOU to my clients who have worked with me since my launch. 

New prices will be effective from 15 October 2022 till 31 December 2022. If you are planning to sign up for Summer and you are waiting for the right time, the time is NOW.  Lock in your prices now before the 15th.