I want to be truthful to you about the risk of self-neglect. 

We have been conditioned to be a self-less human giver and consistently putting our own needs last which has cost us our ability to press pause.  

I am unfortunately an expert in human giver syndrome and it cost me my health.  I have fortunately learnt from my experiences and with abundant support for the past decade, I have created a routine of self-care & self-responsibility. Remember the concept of putting your own mask on the plane before attending to others? 

Yes. This applies to our daily life too.

Taking self-care is not an act of being selfish. 

It is a way of life. 

This is why I am deeply passionate about empowering women to invest in self-care and the first step is building the awareness and sow the seed of curiosity.  

There are BETTER ways of us living our life, to THRIVE and not just SURVIVE and learning to navigate life’s challenges and we do not need to do it alone. 

This is why I created a Webinar series; Reset Your Health where we will dive into different topics and work on building your knowledge and arm you with some tools to start building some good healthy habits.  

I invite you to join me on a my FREE webinar on 1 November (final one of 2022) where I will talk to you about MINDFUL EATING to help build a Sustainable Change. 

I am really looking forward to connecting with you and sharing the knowledge I have personally TRIED & TESTED to help you transform your wellbeing.  I remember my biggest AH-HA moment when I stopped having ridiculous cravings & afternoon brain fog and started developing a better relationship with food just by tweaking my lifestyle habits for the most sustainable change.  I was a different person. I want the same for You. ? 

Because taking even a small action today will change your outcome for tomorrow. 

This webinar is perfect for you if you have tried EVERYTHING and you are seeking a new way and hunting for that key to unlock the last door. 

The details of our webinar as follows:

Topic: 10 Steps to Mindful Eating for a Sustainable Change

Stop the struggle with cravings and constant snacking

Date: Tuesday 1st November 7.30pm NZDT

Cost: Free of Charge


What is included:

  • 60-minutes Live session on Zoom 
  • Live Q&A session
  • Special invitation to a closed group on Facebook
  • Worksheets
  • Shopping list & planners
  • My most popular recipes to get you started & inspired

More details will be sent to you shortly. For those who can’t make it live, there will be a replay sent out to you but you must register to be in the list for the replays. 

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Much love,

Katherine xx ?

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