I just came back from an immensely invigorating weekend in Auckland where I attended my graduation ceremony and celebrated with the rest of my Prekure cohort as an Advanced Mental Health Coach.  Followed by a 2-day conference where we discussed, The Future of Medicine sponsored by Prekure.  

I was immersed in the energy of the future, took in the knowledge and walked away deeply inspired to continue my path as a pioneer in changing the way we live and helping people build mental fitness.  I am committed to helping women prevent chronic illnesses and to help everyone “Die Young, as old as possible.”….wise words of Louise Schofield, CEO of Prekure. 

There is so much we can learn and also unlearn about HEALTH and what it looks like for you. We are all unique and have different needs.  Behavioural and habit change is never a cookie cutter plan. 

The amount of research done by hardworking researchers and medical professionals/specialists in the background have really opened my eyes towards the future of medicine and particularly towards the power of Lifestyle Medicine.   

One of my pillars of Health I work with my clients is SLEEP.  

So many of us disregard the importance of sleep, I was one of them.  I have always challenged the notion and think that I am a super human and can function on less than 6 hours sleep.  I did for decades….till my body retaliated with a VENGEANCE. I didn’t know what I didn’t know and I wished I had someone correct me in my 20s about the misconceptions I had of sleep.

Hence, let me bust some terrible myths about sleep:

Myth 1

“I don’t need much sleep to function.”

We all of us may require different hours of sleep to function depending on our age however, the minimum/optimal is between 7-9 hours albeit different circadian rhythms and/or work lifestyle. Remember it is the quality of our sleep that truly matters.

Myth 2:

“I have always been an owl so I cannot sleep early and struggle to change” 

We can change our circadian rhythm.  If we follow an ideal sleep schedule and go to bed at the same time everyday, soon our body will learn the new rhythm. Using other levers such as nutrition and exercise will absolutely help as well.

Myth 3:

“I’m all good.  I have caffeine and wine to help me through the day.”

According to Matthew Walker, author of “Why we Sleep” caffeine has a half and quarter life in our system which really affects us getting that deep sleep that our body needs to recharge. Wine helps us unwind but it impacts on our quality of sleep as well so without the right balance, our body cannot get to homeostasis and will struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep. It is important to reevaluate our sleep quality and design a schedule that will serve us in the long run.   

It is never too late to change and improve our lifestyle, to prevent a chronic diagnosis and build on anti-fragility. Where you are at NOW does not need to be your Forever.   

I made the change at age 30, I was often one of the youngest in my chemotherapy ward and I knew that if I did not change NOW, I will not survive my diagnosis. 

So many of us know someone we love who have had a cancer diagnosis, a stroke, a cardiovascular incident or a diabetes diagnosis.  

If you were given a magic wand, what wish would you grant them to help them reverse that diagnosis? 

What would you do better tomorrow for your SLEEP? 

How can you start investing in your health span to enhance your life span?

 Sleep struggles are very apparent amongst kiwis. A Southern Cross Healthcare Group survey into the living habits of Kiwis has revealed that almost a quarter of us already feel tired or fatigued every day, with this rising to 36% among people under 30. 

As a person who have been chronically sleep deprived for decades, I know how hard it is to get good sleep, but it is totally POSSIBLE to make that change with some support.  

I help women who struggle with anxiety, addictive behaviours and sleep deprivation, build mental fitness to cope with daily stressors feel energetic and motivated to live a life of balance.

If you wake up feeling exhausted despite your optimal 8-hours sleep, I would love to have a confidential chat with you. 

Take action today.  Your brain will thank you. 

Drop me an email.  Book a time with me for a Free chat. 

Much love,

Katherine xx 💜